Telium TETRA hits the race track combining mobility, payment and check-out

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Telium TETRA hits the race track combining mobility, payment and check-out

According to Vincent Amat, Sales director of Fülle: ‘this portable solution allows us above all to boost the number of checkout operations at peak times and to increase the turnover for each point of sale’. Another advantage of the solution is the ‘management area that provides merchants with real-time feedback on all their sales, allowing them to remotely manage their catalogue of products/price list and also to trigger, based on consumption, stock movements of goods from one point of sale to another’.

The successful partnership between Ingenico, Fülle, Planet Monetic and Accès Vital Technology has made this project possible. The simple and ergonomic nature of the Mini@bill Back Office meant 100 Move/5000 terminals could be installed in just a few hours at the track’s 25 catering areas. With 45,000 tickets and 19,000 bank card payments in 4 days, the solution proved just how robust it is.

For Sébastien Lico, Sales Director of Accès Vital Technology, ‘the new Telium TETRA offer from Ingenico is not just promising, it is a complete response to the checkout requirements of merchants. With its ability to accept new value-added services, the Telium TETRA solution allows players in the world of electronic payments to provide optimum support to merchants for their requirements.’

This success, according to Laurent Pouillon, Associate Director at Planet Monetic, is based on ‘a simplification of the customer journey. Ordering and paying on the move via a single terminal saves precious time in busy periods. For the merchant, the ability to convert their payment terminal into a checkout also offers savings on each checkout device, and allows them to increase the number when required.’

This customer scenario shows that checkout solutions are evolving, that terminals are improving and that it is now possible to incorporate checkout and payment acceptance in a single device, a great benefit to the merchant and to the consumer,’ states Guillaume Pascal, European Director of the Ingenico’s Banks and Acquirers Business Unit. ‘Portability, compliance with finance law, simple integration of payment acceptance and checkout functions and access to a cloud service management area are currently key factors in the success on the checkout market. It is with this in mind that Ingenico strengthened its partner network and enhanced its range, with the HTML5 Telium TETRA terminals, the iPOS and the Axium D7, our new Android terminal’.