About us

About us

Lancdon helps entrepreneurs build some of the world's most disruptive, successful companies. We partner with entrepreneurs who have grand ambitions - who want to tackle big, hard problems that most think not possible. Our collaboration - engagement, network, passion and experience - gives entrepreneurs the unfair advantage needed to win, and win big.

We have helped hundreds of Lancdon entrepreneurs create products and services that change the way we live, pioneer new markets and disrupt the status quo. Our experience has helped us understand what is most important for success in different sectors and at different stages of a company's growth.

Our duties

“From incubation to today, Lancdon has been there every step of the way. The team thrives on helping a company take those first steps and is willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to build a truly great company.”

Sed est elit posuere ac semper Lancdon neque
“When you are committing to spend 10-20 years of your life working with someone to do something that’s really hard and important, you want a whole lot more more than just deep pockets. You need a thoughtful, engaged, creative partner that is there to help shape the best outcomes. That is Venrock.”
Michael Dubin
“I appreciate Venrock's drive to win. The firm has been a pioneer across many sectors and their continued focus on novel approaches to massive markets has made them great.”